Health insurance benefits in Kommesk-Omir lie in exellent service level from 24/7 medical assistance, availability of clinics and medical centers of various specification with a convenient geographical location, client's and his co-workers' support for the contract's duration. 


The cost of the primary insured contract is 310 000 KZT. For one contract, you can attach up to 3 family members.

It contains 12 digits

Cost of insurance

310 000 tenge

Now you can

via bank card. Afterwards we will deliver insurance title to you.


"and he call you back within two minutes in order to define more exactly the details and to organize homeward freight of the policy or delivery of the policy to the workplace.


just for your convenience, for reporting or for any other purposes

Choose gift to your insurance

Фрисби, термокружки, часы и многое другое.

В каком вы городе (от этого зависит выбор подарков):
*Ассортимент подарков может отличаться в зависимости от наличия