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Report an insured event

Insured event is an event, after which the insurance contract provides for insurance payments. You can report an insured event by calling to round-the-clock call-center 8 (727) 244-74-00.
To the call-center you have to give the following information:
Insured event on transport:
1) City, address of road traffic accident;
2) State number plate;
3) Name and surname or IIN of the leading underwriter;
4) Information of accident: date of accident, presence of injured persons, conditions;
5) Contact details.
On medical insurance for travelers:
1) Name or IIN;
2) Police number;
3) Receiving country, city;
4) Information: circumstances, date of accident;
5) Contact details.
On property:
1) City, address;
2) Name or IIN;
3) Information: circumstances, date of accident;
4) Contact details.